G8 Cowl Cover Clips (Set of 12)

G8 Cowl Cover Clips (Set of 12)

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This is for a set of 12 replacement clips for the Pontiac G8 cowl.   These clips are designed as one time use clips and are known to break when removing the cowl while changing the cabin filter, replacing the windshield or repairing the wiper motor.  You will receive a set of 12 clips which consist of the following:

6 - 92138942 (Beige Clips)
4 - 92138946 (White/Black Clips)
2 - 92138966 (Blue/Red Clips)

These are true OEM clips, not aftermarket replacements that others sell.  The real GM clips come in sealed bags of 10 as you can see in the pictures.  Because of this, they will not come in the original bags unless you order enough to get 10 of one style clip (I.E. if you order 2 sets of clips, you will receive one sealed bag of 92138942 clips and 2 additional 92138942 clips, the other part numbers will come loose)

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