Monaro Fender Side Repeaters/ Side Marker Kit

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This is a kit for the 2004-2006 GTO to install the Monaro side repeaters on the fenders.  Underneath the factory emblems are the holes for these to mount into, no modifications to the fender are needed besides removing the emblem.

Included in this kit are 

2 x OEM Side Repeater

2 x 194 Bulb

2 x modified aftermarket sockets/wiring harness (The GM harness/socket are no longer available)

The wiring harness needed to be extended (just like the factory harness did), to be wired into the factory turn signal wiring on the headlights.  It it recommended that these lights are wired to flash when using the turn signal, but not to be a running light.  If you want to wire it as a running light, it is recommended to replace the bulb with an LED.

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