GTO (Monaro) Complete Key/Fob Setup

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This is a brand new complete key fob for a 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO.  The key fobs have the Holden logo on them as the Pontiac fobs are no longer produced, however they are identical in every other way. 

The full setup comes with an OEM key blank.  No other company offers the OEM key blank which is engraved with "PN57" on it.   The key blanks that say "GM" are aftermarket.

Full Setup Includes:

1x Holden OEM GM Fob

1x OEM Key Blank 

2x OEM Screws

These can be self programmed using the 10 10 10 method.  If you need information on programming them, please contact us and we will provide you with them.

Please note:  We buy the fobs in bulk and they come in a package of 4.  Unless you order 4, they will not come sealed in the OEM package.  Every fob is tested before shipping out.

Also, these fobs are not meant to be serviceable/opened just like the original Pontiac fobs.  The fob has all the components inside it already, circuit board/battery, and is ready to be programmed.

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